VHSdecel Vancouver Hack Space Startup Decelerator

Tools & Workshop

VHSdecel is a part of the Vancouver Hack Space, a 2800 square foot mad workshop. Sit down and hack at our tables or on the couches, solder some circuts, lase some wood, or bend some metal in our workshops.

Community of Hackers

The VHSdecel program provides mentorship from the Vancouver Hack Space membership, the most diverse set of multidisciplined hackers, thinkers and crafters in Canada. Our community will make you feel welcome and empowered.

Heckling & Distraction

With so many crazy ideas and half-baked projects, VHSdecel is sure to slow down your project or startup. Our mentors will distract you away from your business tasks and involve you with random questions, philosophical arguments and safety meetings.


How do they work? Turns out magnets are used in everything, from your television to a common houseplant. Will Scientists ever understand how magnets work? Probably not, but don't let that stop you from using them at the VHS!

VHSdecel - because slow and fun is better than fast and stressful.

Hackerspaces are the opposite of universities.

There is possibility, you can do things.

A university exists to tell you you aren't good enough. You fail.

VHS exists to tell you: "You can do whatever you want. Just make something."

It's not there to tell you: "You're not good."

VHS is here to tell you "There is possibility, you can do things."

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About the program

In addition to providing space, power and internets, the VHSdecel program connects you to our amazing mentors and trolls, who will dig deeper into questions you haven't and probably shouldn't consider, like:

  • Is there any way you can add lasers?
  • Have you thought about only accepting bitcoin?
  • Shouldn't you consider a web of trust?
  • Why not host it in Iceland?
  • Maybe that color should be blue?
  • Are you feeling safe enough?

Our promise

When you join VHSdecel, you do not give up any equity or control of your project. Our low, low membership fees are tax deductable and VHS members will drink all the free beer you buy them. That's a promise you can bank on.

Our experience

The technologies at VHS today are the technologies of the products of tomorrow, today. Our safe, open learning environment will help you through your tough challenges and connect you with the right people to be successful, or to fail. Both are good outcomes.

A colorful girl.

To meet cool people, gain access to simple tools I don't have the money to purchase. A place to ask questions and share stories. A fun place to have meetings and get creatively interrupted.

Zee - a girl and very colorful.

John B, image by KK

Enjoy having a space where everyone has a similar maker mentality and whose projects inspire me to make more cool shit.

John Biehler - tech analyist, hacker

VHSdecel - Come. Hack. Slow down.

DIY Drones

Build your own quadcopter!


Pis and Arduinos

Learn about all the technology you read about. Come play with it.

Build Boards

Learn how to build boards from our experts and non-experts.

Craft and Make

Craft the shit out of something.

Hack. Drink Beer. Argue about nerdy topics. Give a lightning talk.

Share your random stories

At Super Happy Hacker House, you can come and socialize with the VHS membership and mentors. Build something for the space, show off your latest drone, drop the spindle. Beer inspired projects are always fun.

Give a late night lightning talk to entertain your peers while they heckle you. Remember, if you're going to heckle, heckle loud.

All VHSdecel incubated companies are given a Guaranteed Speaker Slot in the lightning talks. You can take that to the bank. (The bank won't care.)

VHSdecel can slow down any project. Focus on building good things that make you happy. Have fun and be excellent to each other. Don't be a dick. Safety Third.
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Pats on the back


VHS Member $25


Full membership

Voting Status

Member-only Events

High Fives


VHS Keyholder $50

24/7 access

Unlimited Entries

Host Events

Safety Meetings


Join VHSdecel today and make a free t-shirt! Experience do-ocracy first hand as you make your own VHS branded outfits. Don't like our brand guidelines? Ignore them!